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VISIA™ Skin Analysis

I remember a cartoon from my childhood: Charlie Brown is shooting arrows into a fence and then painting a target around the arrow. Lucy asks what he is doing and he replies, “I’m making sure I don’t miss.” As one of the few cosmetic surgeons in Spokane, I offer VISIA™ Skin Analysis to ensure that my practice doesn’t “miss” skin … Read more

The New SmartSkin™ CO2 Laser Skin Renewal system

The first thing other people see when they look at you is your face. Sadly, as we age we wear our ‘wisdom’ there as a collection of wrinkles, age spots, and deep lines. Fortunately, I have been treating my patients with a new technique to make them look younger than they are. This breakthrough is called SmartSkin™ CO2 Laser Skin … Read more

Modern Body Contouring Options

With summer finally in full swing and the beaches, rivers and parks in Coeur D’Alene and Spokane filling up, men and women are trying to look their best in clothes that tend to show more than the heavy sweaters of winter. Standard liposuction is the oldest and best known fat removal procedure, but recently two new options have become ever more … Read more

CoolSculpting® Still in the News

If you think many talk shows are talking about the same thing… you’re right. Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Good Morning America, and Rachel Ray all have featured the same story: CoolSculpting® . CoolSculpting is a new FDA cleared procedure designed to eliminate stubborn fat. Locally, I was the first to offer this procedure in my Coeur D’ Alene office. Abdomen … Read more

Are There any Do-Overs in Life?

I remember playing backyard baseball as a kid. At some point, every day someone would swing and miss and then shout “do-over!” I don’t think do-overs are anywhere in the official rules of baseball, but everyone in our backyard knew what that meant – one more pitch. Sadly, life doesn’t always give us do-overs but here is one time where … Read more