Dysport® vs. BOTOX® Cosmetic Units: Is There a Difference? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Woman with clear and radiant skin (model) examining her face closely in the mirror.

Even though Dysport has been available since 2009, when it received FDA approval, BOTOX remains the household name when people think of anti-wrinkle treatments. Many patients are surprised to learn about BOTOX alternatives and want to know if Dysport is a better option for them.

Dysport vs. BOTOX Units: Cost Differences

Cost is a subject that virtually all patients considering either wrinkle treatment ask about. Is one treatment more expensive than the other? The answer is complicated because it takes more units of Dysport than BOTOX to produce the same results. The makers of the 2 drugs (Allergan creates BOTOX, and Galderma Aesthetic makes Dysport) have different formulations, so the number of units needed to produce the same outcomes is different.

According to RealSelf, Dysport costs range from $4 to $8 per unit. BOTOX, on the other hand, typically costs $10 to $15 per unit. We’ve used Dysport at our practice since 2009 and estimate that it takes about 2.5 of Dysport to get the same result as 1 unit of BOTOX. Still, Dysport usually costs less per treatment than BOTOX.

Other Key Comparisons

Other differences make Dysport a more attractive option than BOTOX. It’s injected deeper into the skin and spreads easier than BOTOX, making it more effective for treating a broader area with fewer injections. Additionally, Dysport’s protein is smaller than the proteins in BOTOX, so it tends to take effect days earlier, and results last longer. That means fewer maintenance treatments.

The number of units needed to treat specific concerns with Dysport or BOTOX depends on the severity of the wrinkles or lines and the patient’s goals. The illustration below indicates the units typically required to produce the desired outcomes.


Two women (models) are shown with different points on the face, outlining the treatment areas and unit dosage mentioned below.

Forehead lines
Dysport: 25-75 units
BOTOX: 10-30 units

Frown lines
Dysport: 40-60 units
BOTOX: 10-25 units

Bunny Lines
Dysport: 12.5-25 units
BOTOX: 5-10 units

Gummy Smile
Dysport: 10-20 units
BOTOX: 4-8 units

Crow's Feet
Dysport: 15-40 units
BOTOX: 6-20 units

Dimpled Chin
Dysport: 10-15 units
BOTOX: 4-6 units

Brow Lift
Dysport: 5-12.5 units
BOTOX: 2-5 units

Platysmal Bands
Dysport: 50-90 units
BOTOX: 10-60 units

*The number of units you'll need may vary based on your goals and individual patient factors.

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