A double chin, medically known as submental fullness, can be an incredibly frustrating cosmetic concern because it’s so often not related to weight. That means diet and exercise can only do so much to reduce its appearance. KYBELLA is an option for Spokane and Coeur d’Alene men and women who want to simply reduce the look of a double chin without the time requirement or commitment of surgery.

Candidates for KYBELLA

An unwanted double chin is a common concern that affects many people, so KYBELLA patients tend to be rather diverse. Most adult men and women who are bothered by submental fullness are usually eligible for treatment with KYBELLA. Typically, Dr. Johnson looks for the following traits when evaluating an individual’s candidacy for the procedure:

  • Overall good physical health
  • Desire to reduce stubborn fat beneath the chin without surgery
  • Realistic goals and expectations for the procedure
Dr. Kevin Johnson

Dr. Kevin Johnson

Welcome to Advanced Aesthetics. Throughout my years serving the body contouring and facial rejuvenation needs of people in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene, I’ve learned a lot—including how to meet my patients where they are. If you’re like most of our guests, you’re busy, you want to address a specific concern, but you might not know where to begin. We’re ready to help.

Meet Dr. Kevin Johnson


KYBELLA uses deoxycholic acid, a special ingredient found in the digestive system, to break down fat beneath the skin. In its natural form, deoxycholic acid dissolves fat in the food we eat, making it easy for the body to digest and process it. In cosmetic uses, KYBELLA can do the same to fat beneath the skin.

KYBELLA appeals to so many people because it treats a common aesthetic complaint without surgery or even at-home recuperation. Instead, KYBELLA is administered right here in our office, during a simple procedure that only takes about 30 minutes. After your visit, you’re free to resume your normal daily activities while the active ingredient in KYBELLA goes to work dissolving targeted fat cells.

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Comfort on Your Terms

If you’re feeling anxious about your injections, we offer self-administered nitrous oxide with Pro-Nox™. Sometimes also called “laughing gas,” Nitrous oxide is a safe, odorless gas that temporarily reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. Learn more during your consultation.


After cleansing your skin and numbing the treatment area with a light local anesthetic, Dr. Johnson uses a special tool to help him “map” the area beneath your chin where he will make injections. Each injection lasts for only a second and feels like a light pinch.

Recovery & Results

There’s no recuperation required after your treatment with KYBELLA. However, you should expect to experience some light, mild side effects that are limited to the injection site. These may include temporary redness, swelling, or tenderness.

KYBELLA typically requires a few treatment sessions to work completely. Dr. Johnson recommends between 2 and 4 appointments, spaced about 1 week apart. Unlike the results of injectable fillers, your KYBELLA results can last indefinitely, especially if you maintain a steady weight over time.

Get to know KYBELLA and what it can do for you. Request your consultation online, or call Advanced Aesthetics in Coeur d’Alene at (208) 676-8346.

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