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Dr. Kevin Johnson’s Advanced Aesthetics

Benefits of Modern Body Contouring Options: Sculpting the Body You Want

With summer finally in full swing and nearby beaches, rivers, and parks filling up, men and women are trying to look their best in clothes that tend to show more than the heavy sweaters of winter. Standard liposuction is the oldest and best-known fat removal procedure, but recently several new body contouring treatments are giving …

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Woman with glowing and radiant skin (model) rests her hands underneath her tilted head.

What Can Profound® Skin Tightening Do For You?

Many patients are familiar with microneedling as a safe, minimally invasive facial tightening treatment. But how much do you know about radiofrequency skin tightening? We want to familiarize you with Profound® skin tightening as an effective alternative to a nonsurgical facelift. Let’s explore how Profound RF microneedling compares to other skin tightening treatments, such as …

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Woman (model) with visible laser treatment results to help illustrate how the treatment can help with hyperpigmentation.

What Is the Best Laser Treatment for Hyperpigmentation?

Laser and other light-based treatments have revolutionized the way we address skin discoloration, making it easier and more efficient than ever to treat dark spots, freckles, and redness. But not all lasers address hyperpigmentation the same way or with the same results. With so many options available to rejuvenate the skin, how can patients determine …

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Woman with a slim and toned body (model) doing yoga in her kitchen.

CoolSculpting Elite vs. CoolSculpting

Since 2010, CoolSculpting® has offered patients a highly effective nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. Each product in its range uses the same cooling technology to freeze and destroy fat cells; however, each model has its own specialties and advantages. Advanced Aesthetics is proud to introduce the latest advancement, CoolSculpting Elite, to our practice. How does Elite …

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