Neck Skin Laxity & Jowling

One of the telltale signs of aging in the face is loose neck skin. Many of our patients who want to look more youthful don’t realize how beneficial neck and jawline skin tightening can be. At our Coeur d’Alene practice, we provide a number of non-surgical treatments that can address these concerns. Dr. Kevin M. Johnson can find a suitable option for your needs that rejuvenates your whole look.

If you would like to know more about your options for jawline and neck skin care in Coeur d’Alene or Spokane, request your complimentary consultation online or call us at (208) 676-8346. Dr. Johnson and the rest of the team at Advanced Aesthetics provide leading-edge techniques for cosmetic improvement in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. Our office serves people from throughout Idaho, Washington, Montana, Oregon, and other states.

Your Treatment Options

If you have loose skin on your jawline and neck, pronounced jowls, or even a little extra fat in this area, you can find an option among the procedures below to suit your needs. Dr. Johnson and our team will evaluate your goals and physical characteristics and help you form an effective treatment plan.

PrecisionTx™: This treatment uses a fiber-optic wire that we insert under your skin to deliver laser energy to areas of excess fat in the jawline and neck. The energy melts fat, promotes collagen production, and tightens the skin on top, and very little downtime is required.

Profound Laser: Using both laser and radiofrequency energy, the Profound Laser offers a leading-edge option for patients bothered by lower face and neck laxity. Help your skin make more of its own collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid with Profound.

Microneedling: Our skincare professionals use the Rejuvapen™ to encourage your skin to create more of its own collagen, improving tone and texture over time. This simple, in-office procedure doesn’t require anesthesia or downtime.

Smartlipo™: This enhanced version of traditional liposuction is especially well suited for precise, delicate areas such as the neck and jawline because it is designed to be less invasive, which cuts down on bleeding, bruising, and recovery time. We use laser energy to melt fat cells before suctioning them away.

UltraClear®: This versatile laser skin resurfacing treatment stimulates collagen production and corrects minor skin laxity with very little recovery time. It’s a highly customizable treatment that’s safe for all skin types.

Dermal Fillers: Injections of dermal fillers can be used to define the jawline for a sleeker look, plumping up skin to correct minor jowl drooping. We offer several different kinds of fillers that we can combine in a procedure we like to call a Liquid Face Lift to create an overall rejuvenated look.

KYBELLA®: This FDA-approved injectable treatment dissolves fat beneath the chin, improving definition and creating an attractive profile for eligible patients. KYBELLA can achieve impressive results on its own or enhanced results when used in conjunction with fillers or other procedures.

Neck and jowl rejuvenation package: We find that some patients achieve their best cosmetic results when they combine more than one treatment into a convenient, cost-effective package. Our neck and jowl package includes a PrecisionTx treatment for the lower face and neck, laser resurfacing for the neck, and 2 syringes of a dermal filler that is determined to be the best choice for you.

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