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Top Laser Liposuction Questions, Answered (Updated 2023)

Like any other cosmetic surgery procedure, laser liposuction is associated with many myths and misconceptions. My laser lipo patients often ask me questions that reflect a lot of misinformation circulating out there. This often comes from hearsay handed down via the "I know someone who knows someone who had it" chain and from not-altogether-accurate portrayals …

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Woman with clear and radiant skin (model) examining her face closely in the mirror.

Dysport® vs. BOTOX® Cosmetic Units: Is There a Difference? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Even though Dysport has been available since 2009, when it received FDA approval, BOTOX remains the household name when people think of anti-wrinkle treatments. Many patients are surprised to learn about BOTOX alternatives and want to know if Dysport is a better option for them. Dysport vs. BOTOX Units: Cost Differences Cost is a subject …

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Woman with smooth, youthful skin under her chin (model) looking in the mirror.

Liposuction Before and After Photos: Chin and Neck Transformations

Many people are looking for less invasive cosmetic treatments, and that trend now extends to targeting a double chin. Women and men who desire a more well-defined chin and angular jawline may ask about CoolSculpting® or KYBELLA® fat-reduction treatments. While both those treatments may suit some patients, chin liposuction produces immediate, excellent results that nonsurgical …

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Woman wearing a white tank top (model) standing in front of a grey wall.

How To Know If Breast Fat Transfer Augmentation Is Right for You

Does the idea of natural breast augmentation sound appealing to you? It’s possible with a procedure called fat transfer breast augmentation, an innovative technique that uses your fat to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. However, it’s important to know if fat transfer aligns with your goals and expectations when it comes to …

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