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Dermal Fillers vs Laser Skin Rejuvenation: Which Is Right for You?

Perhaps the most significant aesthetic trend during the past 20 years is the development of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatments to minimize wrinkles. Two popular options include laser skin treatments and injectables, such as dermal fillers, Dysport®, and BOTOX® Cosmetic. Dr. Johnson is a skilled, experienced injector and laser skin treatment specialist, so he's performed thousands …

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Woman with plump lips (model) holds a hand up to her face.

Ready To Perfect Your Pout? Try Lip Fillers

Lusciously full lips have always been highly desirable, but lip injections have exploded in popularity in recent years. This is partly due to celebrity influencers pouting and posting all over our Instagram and TikTok feeds. Whether you want to be on trend or have always yearned for a plumper pout, lip fillers offer a quick …

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Dr. Kevin Johnson’s Advanced Aesthetics

Dr. Johnson: Master Injector

Lifelong learning and remaining up to date on the latest techniques and technology is an important aspect of our approach to the practice of cosmetic medicine and surgery at Advanced Aesthetics. Recently, Dr. Johnson attended a Master Injector educational course with the world-renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Arthur Swift in West Hollywood, CA. Injectables to Create …

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Dermal Filler Cost, Ingredients & More: Your FAQs, Answered (Updated 2024)

Hollow cheeks, thinning lips, bags under the eyes---we're all familiar with the common signs of aging that nearly everyone experiences. And while facelifts and other surgical procedures are solutions for some people, nonsurgical treatments can be just as effective for many people. Some of the most popular options are dermal fillers such as Restylane®. While …

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Dr. Kevin Johnson’s Advanced Aesthetics

Top 10 List: Qualities of a Really Good Cosmetic Injectables Practice

Neuromodulators likeDysport® and dermal fillers like Restylane® and Perlane® are wildly popular worldwide. According to most research of cosmetic trends worldwide, both of these two entirely different treatments are annually the most commonly performed, everywhere. In my opinion, the reason people, including my dermal filler and Dysport patients in Coeur d'Alene, like these treatments is their …

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The Future Facelifts: Liquid Facelift, Skin Tightening Laser Treatments & More

I am not a plastic surgeon. I do not perform facelifts, at least the kind where incisions are required. However, I do offer alternatives like liquid facelifts, laser skin tightening, and other nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatments that deliver excellent results. These and other "facelifts" of the future offer exciting possibilities as their technology becomes more …

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