Liposuction Before and After Photos: Chin and Neck Transformations

Woman with smooth, youthful skin under her chin (model) looking in the mirror.

Many people are looking for less invasive cosmetic treatments, and that trend now extends to targeting a double chin. Women and men who desire a more well-defined chin and angular jawline may ask about CoolSculpting® or KYBELLA® fat-reduction treatments. While both those treatments may suit some patients, chin liposuction produces immediate, excellent results that nonsurgical procedures can’t match.

Who Benefits From Chin Liposuction?

Even though someone with a double chin may be overweight in general, many women and men at a healthy weight are genetically predisposed to accumulating fat below their chin. They are excellent candidates for chin liposuction.

It’s also important to note that chin liposuction may not be the best approach for patients with loose neck skin. Removing fat from under the chin worsens the condition, leading to a “turkey neck” appearance. For patients with mildly lax neck skin, I may recommend combining Smartlipo® with Profound® skin tightening treatment.

Favorite Chin Liposuction Before and After Photos

I use the Smartlipo® technique for my patients with excess fat under their chins because it’s gentler than traditional liposuction and produces excellent results. Take a look at my patients’ neck and chin liposuction before and after photos below to see how the procedure transforms their appearance.

You can see the dramatic transformation that chin and neck liposuction made for this young woman. It completely altered this patient’s profile, giving her a more prominent chin and an elegant neckline.

This patient wanted a sleeker jawline. I performed Smartlipo on her jawline and neck to produce this beautiful result. 

This 49-year-old man noticed his neck and chin made him look older and less fit. He was healthy and physically fit but had skin laxity and excess fat below the chin. This made him feel self-conscious and less confident. He chose Smartlipo instead of a neck lift because it required less downtime and would help tighten his loose skin. As you can see in his after photos, he now enjoys a tauter, more defined jawline.

Here is an example of the results produced when we combine Smartlipo with Profound. This 61-year-old woman was interested in fat reduction and skin tighening on her lower face and neck.

This 47-year-old patient wanted a minimally invasive procedure to create a sharper jawline and improve the appearance of her neck. She did not want a facelift or neck lift. I combined Smartlipo with PrecisionTx to produce stellar results.

This 54-year-old triathlete and business owner saw a photo of herself taken during a race and thought she looked “like a turtle.” Despite being extremely fit, she had accumulated excess fat below the chin. I produced these results with a one-hour Smartlipo treatment using a local anesthetic and mild sedation. She is delighted with the results, shown here 5 months after her procedure.

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