Can I Drive Home After Smartlipo®? The Do’s & Don’ts of Smartlipo

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Traditional liposuction is an excellent way to eliminate stubborn fat deposits in certain areas of your body. Smartlipo takes it a step further by adding laser energy to liquify fat, coagulate blood vessels, as well as firm and tighten your skin. This critical step also minimizes post op bruising and shortens the recovery time. To get the best results from your Smartlipo procedure, make sure to follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions.

Here is some helpful information so you understand the do’s and dont’s before and after your Smartlipo procedure.

Do Maintain a Healthy Diet and Workout Regimen

To get the best results from your Smartlipo procedure, you need to maintain a stable weight. Smartlipo is not a weight loss treatment and won’t prevent future weight gain. Getting on track with a healthy diet and regular exercise program will maintain your body weight and composition so you can enjoy your Smartlipo results indefinitely.

Make sure to start eating healthy and working out a few months before your procedure, so you are not tempted to “crash diet” and lose a lot of weight at once. Crash dieting negatively affects your physical and mental well-being.

Do Stop Smoking Before and After Your Procedure

Smoking compromises your heart and lung function and interferes with healing. Your body needs a healthy supply of oxygen to repair itself after surgery. Smoking narrows your blood vessels, preventing blood and oxygen from reaching the surgery site so you can heal properly. This includes vaping.

Don’t Forget To Get Plenty of Rest

The first 48 hours after your procedure should be dedicated to resting. Although Smartlipo recovery is usually mild, you will likely experience some bruising and swelling at the surgery site. Make sure to prepare ice packs so you have them ready when you recover. During your pre-operation appointment you will get a full list of what to have ready.

When you feel ready, go for a short walk or gently move around to help with blood circulation and faster healing. This previous blog talks more about the recovery process after Smartlipo.

Don’t Drive Yourself Home After Your SmartLipo Procedure

Smartlipo is minimally invasive, and most patients feel okay to drive or go back to work soon after the procedure. If you are wondering, can I drive home after Smartlipo, the answer is typically no! Typically, local anesthesia is used during the procedure, but you will feel drowsy and tired afterward. Have a friend drive you home after your procedure and rest for at least 24 hours.

Most patients can start driving and heading back to work a few days after Smartlipo, depending on their recovery progress. However, do not drive if you are taking prescription pain medication.

Smartlipo is a safe and easy way to eliminate stubborn fat and achieve the contours you always wanted. Our patients are thrilled with their Smartlipo results, as you can see in this before-and-after gallery. If you are ready to contour your body with Smartlipo, request a consultation or call us at (208) 676-8346 to schedule an appointment.

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