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At our practice, the VISIA™ Skin Analysis system helps us accurately assess the condition of patients’ skin and then recommend advanced treatments to improve their complexion. People from across Washington, Oregon and Idaho needing dermatology treatments come to my practice for complete assessment of their skin needs by a team of skilled professionals.

You may be thinking, “why the need for a skin analysis technology? Can’t I just look in the mirror and see what my skin needs?” Actually, VISIA is able to look both at the surface and deeper layers of skin tissue for a more complete picture. You wouldn’t choose to apply a moisturizer, foundation or a makeup product that was inappropriate for your skin type or tone. The same principle applies when considering advanced skin care – you need to understand the skin concerns before you can be properly treated.

VISIA is a multi-spectral digital imaging system which helps us identify “trouble spots” in individual patients’ complexions. Your skin’s needs are highly unique and reveal themselves both on and below the surface in response to lifestyle, habits and experiences.

In about 30 minutes, VISIA Skin Analysis reveals:

  • The depth of your pores
  • The extent of any wrinkles
  • Pigmented areas of the skin
  • Areas marked by UV damage
  • Bacterial accumulations and more

Accompanied by a skin care history survey and consultation, VISIA helps us become better acquainted with your skin care routine, allergies and skin-related health issues. In many cases, it’s the best 30 minutes our patients spend on their way to a smoother and more youthful appearance.

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