Laser Hair Removal Advances

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Brunette in halter wrap top and low-rise jeans holds a sweater high above her head while standing on a hillside.
In the past, a laser hair removal treatment could only do so much. These lasers treated a narrow range of skin and hair types, particularly those with light skin and dark hair. Today, laser technology is more advanced, and can treat an array of skin types and hair colors. While these new lasers are designed to treat a variety of skin and hair types, darker hair colors and lighter skin types typically see the best results from the treatment, as the light of the laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair. I use the Elite™ Laser Hair Removal device at my cosmetic practice’s in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene for women and men looking for permanent hair reduction.
One of my favorite features of this laser is that I can treat a large area at once. As opposed to older methods of laser hair removal that could only treat a very small area, the Elite Laser enables me to target larger regions of skin. In addition, new laser technology allows for the ability to treat almost any body part.
What is your experience with laser hair removal? Have you noticed an improvement with the newer laser devices?

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