Butterfly Program for Breast Cancer Survivors

Butterfly Program

We at Advanced Aesthetics believe in providing not only excellent service and treatments, but also enriching and bringing some happiness to our patients lives as well. We love it when patients are excited to come in to spend a little time with us. We try to make our patients’ day better than when they came in. It is with this philosophy in mind that Dr. Johnson wants to introduce an Advanced Aesthetics’ Compassionate Care Program we are calling the Butterfly Program. In this program, we are offering free radiation tattoo removal for recovering breast cancer patients.  We want to help remove the physical reminder of the radiation process and help celebrate the future!

One of the most efficient and faster ways of removing tattoos is laser tattoo removal treatment. We are delighted to offer our state of the art PicoWay laser, which uses a pico-second impulse to target the pigment and acoustically shatter the ink into very small pieces. The bodies’ immune system then recognizes the ink as a foreign particle and will come and eliminate it. The PicoWay laser also offers customizable treatments by including three wavelengths, which target different colors, and adjustable energy and spot sizes to ensure you get the best results possible. Laser tattoo removal is a relatively quick treatment, taking only a minute. It typically takes a series of treatments to fully remove a tattoo, and they can be done around six weeks apart.

Whether or not you should remove tattoos after completing radiation therapy varies based on your diagnosis and health. It is very important to first consult with your oncologist prior to having your tattoo removed. We want patients to be at least three months past their last radiation treatment before starting the removal process. Patients who wish to take advantage of Advanced Aesthetics Butterfly program should contact us to schedule a consultation at 208-676-8646 or online. During your consultation we can also discuss a variety of different tools that are available to rejuvenation scars left over from breast cancer surgery.

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