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Advanced Aesthetics

4 Paths to Understanding and Treating the Aging Face

Why does someone look older? What makes one person look older than another? We all look at our own face in the mirror every day, and sometimes suddenly we wake up one morning and notice things have changed. We look at each other and compare ourselves to one another. “She really looks good” or “Life …

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Dr. Kevin Johnson Advanced Aesthetics

4 Mistaken Ideas About Liposuction

Like any other cosmetic surgery procedure, laser liposuction is associated with many myths. My laser lipo patients from Spokane and Kennewick, WA, Couer d'Alene, and beyond often ask me about these preconceived notions. Myths frequently come from hearsay handed down via the "I know someone who knows someone who had it" chain and from not-altogether-accurate …

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The Science & Benefits of Your Smartlipo™ Treatment

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatments is Smartlipo®, or laser-assisted liposuction. As a body contouring procedure, Smartlipo helps my patients from Coeur d'Alene, Spokane, and Kennewick, WA, smooth their curves and reduce hard-to-treat areas of fat that are often found in the lower abdomen, back, flanks, hips, arms, and thighs. You can learn …

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The FAQs About Dermal Fillers: Cost, Ingredients, and More

Hollow cheeks, thinning lips, bags under the eyes -- we're all familiar with the common signs of aging that nearly everyone experiences. And while facelifts and other surgical procedures are solutions for some people, there are nonsurgical treatments that can be just as effective for many people. Some of the most popular options are dermal …

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Smartlipo candidate

What Makes a Good Candidate for Smartlipo®?

Before scheduling a consultation or talking to a cosmetic surgeon, many people seeking a cosmetic treatment such as liposuction will first try to figure out on their own whether they're a candidate for the procedure. Most of the time, a person's candidacy for a treatment can be determined only through discussion and examination during an …

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What the CoolSculpting® Ads Don’t Tell You

With the help of celebrity spokespeople such as Molly Sims, the CoolSculpting® treatment has become increasingly popular and taken the cosmetic surgery industry by storm. As a provider of CoolSculpting body contouring at my practice in Coeur d'Alene (near Spokane), and one of a handful in the country to offer DualSculpting™, I can attest to …

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