Big Results From Smartlipo™

Dr. Kevin Johnson’s Advanced Aesthetics

While some of you reading may have heard about Smartlipo™ before, you may still have questions about what makes it different than, say, a traditional liposuction procedure. We are now offering this laser-assisted liposuction method for our Spokane and Coeur d’Alene patients, and seeing fantastic results.
One of the most common misconceptions about Smartlipo that I often hear is that patients believe it is only for subtle body contouring. While it is true that Smartlipo is an effective method for achieving subtle contouring, the procedure is also effective for removing fat in larger areas as well.
Smartlipo works by employing laser technology to eliminate and liquefy fat cells in the targeted area. Because the laser makes the fat easier to remove, the treatment is less invasive than a traditional liposuction procedure. Here are a couple other fast facts:

  • Smartlipo is effective for both women and men
  • Good candidates are within 25 pounds of their desired weight
  • Recovery time is minimal – plan to take a full day off from regular activities

When you choose Smartlipo, you don’t have to have small areas to contour in order to notice big results.

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