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CoolSculpting® FAQ

People searching for a liposuction alternative in the Spokane, WA and Coeur d'Alene, ID areas choose CoolSculpting at Advanced Aesthetics because it reduces fat without surgery or downtime. The non-surgical procedure is increasingly popular, and our patients have questions about how it works and the treatment itself. You can find answers below to some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you want to learn whether you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting request a complimentary consultation using our online form or call our office at (208) 676-8346 to schedule an appointment.

See the Possibilities

Dr. Johnson is a body contouring specialist whose experience with CoolSculpting is demonstrated in the results he gets. The before-and-after photos below show the type of results you can expect from CoolSculpting. View our photo gallery to see other patients who have benefitted from this unique treatment.

Before After

This patient is shown before a CoolSculpting treatment and 90 days after the procedure.

Photos courtesy of Dr. Barry E. DiBernardo

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CoolSculpting compare with liposuction?

Even people who are in great shape can have trouble toning certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs. CoolSculpting and liposuction are both good options for reducing stubborn fat. Liposuction can remove more fat than CoolSculpting, but it also requires incisions, anesthesia, and some time off work to recover. That's not true for CoolSculpting. It works without incisions and kills fat cells without injuring surrounding tissues or skin.

Either procedure can be a good fit in many cases, so it all depends on your priorities. Dr. Johnson is an experienced body contouring specialist who is very familiar with both techniques. He can listen to your goals and recommend the right approach for you.

How does CoolSculpting work?

The CoolSculpting procedure can safely and effectively destroy localized areas of fat because fat cells are vulnerable to cold. They begin dying at temperatures that don't injure the skin or damage surrounding tissue. The cooling process, called Cryolipolysis®, is precisely monitored during the treatment. As fat cells gradually die, they are absorbed by the body and then removed through the natural metabolic processes in the weeks that follow.

Is CoolSculpting painful?

No. Any discomfort during a CoolSculpting treatment is minimal and typically occurs only during the initial stages of the procedure as you get used to the cold sensation. Most patients relax, read a book, or use a mobile device during the treatment. Some patients even nap.

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

Dr. Johnson is committed to offering a range of body contouring alternatives for a range of patients and budgets. The price of a CoolSculpting procedure varies depending on the areas you're concerned about and the number of sessions needed to meet your cosmetic goals, among other factors.

We require a $100 deposit to schedule your CoolSculpting session. We will apply this amount to the cost of your CoolSculpting treatment. This deposit is refundable for cancellations requested 24 or more hours in advance.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of the treatment, like the cost, depends on the number of treatment areas. Dr. Johnson customizes CoolSculpting procedures for each patient's specific concerns. A typical treatment session for 1 area, such as the upper abdomen, takes about an hour. A session using the applicator for "non-pinchable" fat, such as on the thighs, takes about 2 hours.

How many sessions will I require?

Some patients need only one session. Others may require 2 or more visits for optimal fat removal. Dr. Johnson will discuss the possibility of further treatments during your follow-up appointment.

Is DualSculpting® the same thing as CoolSculpting?

Yes. DualSculpting simply uses 2 devices to treat 2 areas of the body at once. This is especially useful for patients who wish to treat both flanks or both thighs. DualSculpting cuts the treatment time in half, allowing patients to resume their daily activities faster.

What is the CoolAdvantage™ applicator and why is it special?

The CoolAdvantage applicator offers patients another convenient option for treating specific areas of fat. CoolAdvantage is FDA-cleared to operate at a lower temperature, allowing our technicians to treat common areas of unwanted fat in less time. CoolAdvantage features 3 distinct, interchangeable treatment heads that are shaped to conform to different areas of the body:

  • "Vertical fat" on the inner thighs
  • Flanks
  • Abdomen

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