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Laser Vein Treatments

At Advanced Aesthetics we offer an array of vein therapy treatments, including external laser therapy and endovenous laser treatment (EVLT). Visible, unwanted veins on the face and body can be embarrassing and can cause significant side effects. Fortunately, spider and varicose vein treatment is simple for patients in Spokane, Washington, and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

To find out more about our laser vein treatments, request your complimentary consultation online or call us at (208) 676-8346. Dr. Kevin M. Johnson and the rest of the team at Advanced Aesthetics provide leading-edge techniques for cosmetic improvement in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. Our offices serve people from throughout Idaho, Washington, Montana, Oregon and other states.

See the Possibilities

Laser vein treatments at Advanced Aesthetics can minimize the appearance of unsightly varicose veins, giving you the confidence to wear clothes that show off your legs.









Photos courtesy of AngioDynamics. Your results may vary.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Candidates for Laser Vein Treatments

When considering laser vein treatments, it is important to know if it's appropriate for your unwanted veins. There are two distinct types of veins that can be removed: spider veins and varicose veins. Spider veins are those distinctively small blue, red or purplish lines, most commonly found on the face and legs, which are very apparent and difficult to cover up. Caused by factors such as sun damage, trauma, certain medications or genetics, these veins are more embarrassing than troublesome and fortunately can be treated relatively easily.

Varicose veins are larger and deeper superficial veins that are found on the legs and tend to bulge from the surface of the skin. Varicose veins form as a result of a venous defect involving the valves within the veins. The valves become compromised or damaged, which ends up allowing blood to reflux back into the vein and cause swelling. Over time the expanding vein gravitates toward the surface of the skin, resulting in a bluish "wormlike" appearance.

Laser vein treatments for Spokane and Coeur d'Alene women and men are best for unwanted spider veins. For large, bulging veins such as varicose veins, more intense laser vein removal treatments such as EVLT treatments are needed. EVLT treatments utilize laser energy to treat the veins from the inside out. Our patients also may benefit from sclerotherapy, which will be discussed during the consultation if applicable.


Although multiple treatments are necessary for most of our patients, once your unwanted veins are successfully treated, they will not return. Also, EVLT treatments at Advanced Aesthetics are less invasive in nature which makes them a more attractive option for varicose veins. Note that while treated veins will not return, these treatments do not stop new spider and varicose veins from forming.


During laser vein treatment, the laser is passed over the veins being treated and is attracted to the pigment or color of the veins below. The laser energy transforms into heat, cauterizing the blood supply to the vein. Once the vein is no longer supplied with blood, it will be absorbed back into the body, leaving your skin smooth and vein free.

The EVLT treatment works to effectively shut down insufficient, damaged veins to decrease the associative symptoms and make the lower extremities more cosmetically pleasing. The treatment begins with a needle puncture that is made into the vein using ultrasound. A laser fiber is then inserted into the puncture, and advanced through the length of the damaged vein. EVLT works by means of thermal destruction to the venous tissue – the laser energy is delivered through the laser fiber. As the laser is fired, it works to deposit high amounts of heat energy into the blood and venous tissue. This heat results in irreversible localized tissue damage, which shuts the vein down.

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Meet Dr. Kevin M. Johnson, a board-certified General Surgeon and a Certified Physician Trainer who will help you achieve your aesthetic goals from head to toe.

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Recovery & Results

Because EVLT is less aggressive, patients experience faster postoperative recovery, which allows treated individuals to get back to their activities of daily living much more quickly. Depending on the severity of your veins, or the area in which they reside, a few sessions of laser vein treatment for spider and varicose veins in Idaho may be needed in order to treat all of them.

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