Laser Hair Removal Takes a Big Step Forward…Literally

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal at my practice in Coeur d’ Alene just got better, and perhaps more attractive than ever before. Women have traditionally been the primary recipients of laser hair removal. With newer, faster technology men are joining women when it comes to receiving laser hair removal.
We have just acquired the new Vectus® Laser from Palomar™. This laser has the largest laser surface area in the industry which will give our patients excellent and more comfortable hair removal in less time. It is literally the fastest hair removal laser available today.
In the past, large treatment areas such as the back and chest for men would require up to 90 minutes to complete. Full legs, Brazilian, and arm treatments in women can also be time consuming. Now with the Vectus, we can perform complete laser hair removal on a man’s back or chest in about 4 minutes. And, women will appreciate that an entire leg can be treated in around 5-7 minutes. The larger surface area and peak power of the laser dramatically speeds up the process making it easier and more cost effective.
Additionally, this new technology has the ability to measure the background skin pigment and adjust the laser energy to customize the procedure based on ethnicity, skin type and melanin content and hair type creating a much safer and effective treatment. Another impressive feature is the “Advanced Contact Cooling” system which keeps the client’s skin better protected during treatments.
This is exciting! Now, anyone who needs a larger area, or any area for that matter, can receive a faster, more comfortable laser hair removal treatment with our new Vectus laser.
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