Vampire Revolution: The Magic of Platelet-Rich Plasma

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With Halloween just behind us, it’s the perfect time to write about vampires. Those plastic vampire teeth always used to kill my gums, but they sure were fun! That’s not really the reason I’m writing this blog post, though.
The vampire I’m talking about is a trademarked treatment on the forefront of cosmetic medicine. Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Facial®, Vampire Breast Lift®, Vampire Wing Lift®, the O-Shot®, and the Priapus Shot® were developed by Charles Runels, M.D. These treatments were popularized and set social media on fire after Kim Kardashian posted this photo after a Vampire Facial in 2013.

So why are we talking about vampires? 2 reasons: The treatment uses your own blood, and the result is an almost magical anti-aging transformation. In case you’re not up on your vampire knowledge, a vampire never ages and lives hundreds of years. You’re welcome. There are many uses for PRP here in Spokane (also known as platelet-rich plasma), and many medical professionals provide PRP therapies for their patients. PRP has been used in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine for more than 15 years, and the science and research behind its efficacy are undeniable. PRP has been administered in a variety of different ways by multiple different medical and surgical specialities–and it’s completely safe. The more research I did about how I could incorporate the use of PRP in my cosmetic practice, the more I saw information about the Vampire treatments and Dr. Runels. So, I decided to go to the source and learn from someone who has thought about why and how we use our own body’s growth factors and healing properties and applying PRP in a uniform and reproducible way. I flew down to Fairhope, Alabama with my associate Brittany, an accomplished nurse injector, to meet Dr. Runels and learn as much as we could about the techniques he has perfected. (Fairhope is a beautiful town on Mobile Bay on the gulf shore, by the way.)
The time we spent with Dr. Runels and his staff was enormously valuable, and we learned the Vampire way. It’s not just injecting or using PRP in a random way. Vampire is actually a very specific protocol of how, where, and how much PRP to use. I can’t thank Dr. Runels enough for the work and time he has spent in developing these protocols and then graciously teaching us all he has learned.
Granted, I was not the first to adopt this treatment, as is often the case with new technology, but now that I’ve learned the proprietary techniques specific to Vampire protocols, I’m really excited to be offering this new area of cellular medicine to my patients, friends, and family. Check out this video to see what all the fuss is about.

Vampire Facelift ® Procedure. Official Video. from Charles Runels, MD on Vimeo.

The treatment starts with drawing your blood and processing it in an FDA-approved, sterile test tube system that physically separates the blood components. Red blood cells are discarded, but the “magic elixir” of plasma and platelets (PRP) are collected and used for a variety of pretty interesting treatments, which I mentioned earlier.
Instead of using a laser, a scalpel, minimally helpful exercises, or medications, we can harness the power of the human body’s own healing properties to accomplish our goals of making our patients happier, healthier, and more beautiful–and improving their sexual response and satisfaction. Pretty powerful stuff, in my opinion.
I encourage you to learn more about the Vampire procedures. If you think any of them can benefit you or someone you know and love, give us a call or request an appointment here on our website. We would love you make you better.

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